Frequently Asked Questions?

+ What is ProjectShelve?

ProjectShelve is a web based company that provides research materials, Research topics, Project assistance/guides/tips and data analysis to students, researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public in digital format.

+How Do I Get Project Topics For Approval By My Supervisor?

Click on your department, carefully go through the topics and choose the ones that interest you. Submit the topics to your supervisor. After approval, come back to, select the topic and Place an Order.

+I Have an Approved Topic, How Do I Get Related Projects?

Phrase the topic and type in the Search for Projects box, this will display available related topics for you to choose. If you type the whole topic you may not get good result. Choose the most appropriate one, view the abstract, table of contents and the whole of chapter 1. If you are ok with it, click PLACE ORDER

+How Do I Pay For Project I Ordered?

After placing order with a valid email, pay the corresponding amount to any of our bank accounts either through cash deposit, ATM transfer, Online transfer or Phone transfer, on confirmation of your payment, the project is sent to the provided email. OR if you are using your Credit Card (Mastercard/VisaCard/Verve), after placing your order, select ONLINE PAYMENT in the Mode of Payment option, Select your card type and follow the process to complete the payment. The project material goes into your email immediately.

+How Do I Get The Project Materials After Payment?

It will be sent to the email you provided in placing your order.

+How Soon Do I Get Projects After Payment?

5mins to 24hrs, based on confirmation of payment.

+What Makes ProjecShelve Different?

ProjectShelve is reliable and you are assured guaranteed delivery of projects ordered.

+In What Format Will I Receive the Project Material?

The Project material is sent in Microsoft Word format for ease of editing