1.0   Introduction                                                             1

2.0   Proposed Capacity                                                   2

3.0   Current Industrial Structure                                    3

4.0   Marketing                                                                4

5.0   Raw Material                                                            5

6.0   Production Process Flow                                          5

7.0   Recommended Mode of Renting Shop                     6

8.0   Key Success Factor                                                  7

9.0   Treats For the Business                                           8

10.0 Production Assumption                                           9

10.1 Cost Assumption                                                     9

10.2 Sales Assumption                                                    10

10.3 Operating Assumption                                             10

10.4 Cash Flow Assumption                                            10

11.0 Financial Assumption                                              11

11.1 Project Cost                                                             11




Clothing is a beautiful visual demonstration of the social and emotional needs of people wearing it. It also portrays in a clearly understood visual manner, what people of different cultures and styles want socially Fashion, through times, has gone through so many rapid changes and bizarre extremes that it has examples of nearly every kind of clothing function. However, in a boutique business, the specifications and descriptions of the designs and clothes are so general that they can fit more than one costume, which actually are quite different in nature from each other and this is solely dependent on the taste of the people.


The range of Nigerian dresses is remarkably wide, according to the vast cultures, geographical differences, purchasing capacities, influence of the western culture, and bewildering diversities of the ethnic groups. One has, therefore, to sift and isolate, and then relate and bring together, the ideas for creating various designs, which can fit in the context of the fashion in vogue and the culture in practice.


Boutique business is quite in vogue but has yet to be formalized. The market of this enterprise is quite scattered and unorganized. There are a few major players in boutique business and these entrepreneurs have also taken an initiative based on their caprice and experience in the field of fashion design. However; there is a massive potential in this field, if one has the ability to design and market his/her products through introducing innovative designs both in stitching as well as the fabric; sector.

The Boutique business can also be expanded into a more profitable venture by providing stitching facilities to other boutiques, which do not own a stitching unit or are lacking this facility.



The Boutique business capacity is greatly dependent on the market size and the number of potential clientele one can attract. Furthermore, the women fashion wear garments will! be designed through a contracted designer and then stitched through in-house stitching unit- On average, a designer can supply forty designs per month from which nearly twenty designs are selected on average- Approximately, total capacity of the defined unit with 5 stitching machines. The breakup of the total number of dresses will be as follows:

Total designs selected by designer           20

Number of dresses in each design           5

Number of dresses in each size                        5

Total Number of dresses                          500

This production and sales capacity is estimated to be economically viable and justifies the capital as well as operational costs of the project.



Currently, the boutique industry is relatively unorganized and is scattered in and around Lagos. As such, there is no exact cell available of the number of boutiques; especially in a men wear, because there is no association or link between these enterprises. The reason being the business rivalries and the competitive structure of this industry. However, one can name a few major players in the business such as Indifference, Generation, Dorathy Perkins, Gio-gio Amani,  and some individual designer players like Vivid imagination, ­.

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