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Chapter One                                                              

Introduction                                                                             1    


Chapter Two                                                              

Description of the Business                                                    2


Chapter Three                                                           

Market Consideration                                                              4    


Chapter Four                                                             

Management Team                                                                   7    


Chapter Five                                                              

Technical Specification and Product Plan                              10  


Chapter Six                                                               

Marketing Plan                                                                         12  


Chapter Seven                                                           

Examination Critical Risks and Problems                              14  


Chapter Eight                                                            

Financial and Economic Plan                                                  15           

Chapter Nine

Evaluation and Conclusion                                                     18





This feasibility report is prepared for the establishment of Ajibol Computer School. The institution shall be organized as a Business Venture and incorporated as a Limited Liability Company with authorized capital of 1,050,000.00 information was gathered through interview with some residuals of Ibafo/ Mowe Town. Contacts were also mad with Association of Computer Institute owners.


The General Manager has acquired knowledge in the running of Computer Institution through his membership of the board of management. In gathering my data, a number of people were interviewed to know why most people who want to be computer literate in that geographical area. It was also discovered that most people in the area are computer illiterates they lack knowledge of computers and above all lack of good communication system.



Ajibol Computer Institute is the brain child of Engr. A.I. Akinleye and its purpose is to impact the knowledge of computer in children from 12 years and above. The major investors in this project are Mrs. G. Akinleye who will be the chairman, Mr. Jide Lawrence the institute co-ordinator and we shall engage the service of a well trained computer masters; the latter may not necessarily be an investors in the project.


The investors have been prompted into the idea of embarking on the project for various reasons apart from the main purpose of impacting knowledge and improving the general level of the awareness of Nigerian children.   


The institute intends to improve on the complaints leveled against the few existing computer institute around the area. The institute target shall be the children of middle and high income earners. It will be located at Lawanson, Mushin, Itire Lagos State, Nigeria. Already under construction, the following factors will positively influence the location of the institution. It will also provide employment opportunity for people n the area.



 According to the market survey carried out it was discovered that here is a presence of large and ever expanding market for computer institution. The customers for the proposed institution as earlier stated shall be parents in the medium income bracket. The inclusion of weekly test for the students of the institution will helps to know if they really understand what they are been taught. The major factors that are likely to influence the growth of the institution are the availability of good and qualified lecturers and government regulations.  


It was also discovered that lecturers are not well paid which affects the output of the lecturers. This issue will however be addressed positively in our policy so that we will not have the same problems when we are fully operational. In the light of this, Ajibol Computer Institute plans to do everything possible at its disposal to satisfy their needs.



The members of the management team shall comprise of:

The Chairman/The General Manager

The Co-ordinator

The Secretary



1.           The Institute Co-ordinator                      1

2.           The Secretary                                           1

3.           The Accountant                                       1

4.           Shorthand Typist                                     1

5.           Teaching Staff                                        10

6.           Liberian                                                    1

7.           Cleaners                                                   2

8.           Security Guards                                      2

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