1.10   Typical Ingredient Of Biscuit

1.20   Types Of Biscuit

2.0     Raising Of Capital/Contribution

3.0     Delegation Of Duties/Assignment

4.0             Fabrication Of Product

4.01       Production Process

4.02       Quality Parameters

4.03       Process Control

5                   Financial Analysis Week 1

6                   Sales Report                            Week 1

7                   Week 1 3rd Production

8                   Week 2

9                   Sales Report                            Week 1

10              Sales Report                            Week 1

11              Suggestion For Improvement




Biscuit is one of the most popular pastry product. It is made from low protein wheat weak flour, of protein less than 10% such flour produces a dough with more establishing and less springing so that the biscuit sizes can be retained after cutting biscuit is usually made from any cereal based flour sugar, butter baking powder a pitch of salt. Biscuit as a universal product has a countless number of definition depending on country of origin.

A biscuit can also be defined as a round of cusp dry bread product that if leavened is usually made with a chemical lavender.

Biscuit is also defined as a hand baked sweet or savory product milk a small, flat cake which in North America may be called cookies or cracker. The learn biscuit also applies to a sandwich type biscuit where a layer of clean or icing is sand witched between two biscuits.

Throughout most of the world, the leion biscuit still means a hand, coups, bottle bread.

Biscuit can also be refer to a small bread made with baking powder or baking soda as a leavening agent rather than yeast. Biscuit house a firm browned crust and a soft interior.



Flour              100%

Sugar             12%

Fat                              5.8%

Water                        80%

Baking powder       0.05-0.1%

Yellow colour          0.05

Salt                             5%

Each of these ingredient perform one role or the order



1.                 Butter biscuit: This fals among the group of rich biscuit or ascetic biscuit

2.                 Cookies contains more ingredient them other types of biscuit like spices fruit nuts

3.                 Digestive biscuit: This contain brain and effals and aid easy bowel movement

4.                 Coconut biscuit: Usually contain coconut burial with other ingredient used in production of biscuit

5.                 Short bread: Are more densely parked at times no water is added, that is tougher dough.

6.                 Coconut biscuit: This type of biscuit is like any other mound biscuit but contains coconut blend. Coconut biscuit can be defined as a fine escotic delicious biscuit with a coconut blend. The coconut blend prepared by breaking the coconut kernel moving the back brown spaces goating the white fleshing part and oven drying into a dyed powder substance called desiccated coconut. Then the desiccated coconut is mix with flour and other ingredient, rolled cut and bake in the oven at 200-250% for  45mins. The desiccated coconut added impact a characteristic aroma of flavour to the biscuit and give it a pleasant attractive appeal.     



Entrepreneur use human and economic resource to help then to implement their ideas. Money is an economic resource, it is necessary to obtain goods and services that entrepreneurs want. It is needed to purchase all the raw- materials equipment and all the necessary materials that are needed for the production of cookies.

The capital (initial capital) which is a total amount of thirteen thousand and five hundred naira only, was issued to the entrepreneurs by the college, Yaba College of Technology, Yaba the department of entrepreneurship development programme (EDP).


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