This research work was designed to examine  the extent to which government regulation (with particular attention of BOFID 1991) has enhanced the development of the banking industry/sector in Nigeria, especially towards a positive direction to ensure a healthy business operation of banking activities. The explorative research method was used for this study. Data was collected from journals, textbooks, conference papers and the internet. The findings revealed that the regulation by government (with specific attention of BOFID 1991) in the banking industry in Nigeria affects the operation of policies of the bank towards a positive direction. On the basis of these, the study recommends among others that corruption, fraud and inside abuses must be minimized in the banking industry for the country to derive the benefit government regulation in the development of banks. 



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          Abstract                                                                                           Table of Contents                                                             

          Chapter One: Introduction                                       

1.1       Background to the Study                                                     

1.2       Statement of Problem                                                  

1.3       Research Questions                                                              

1.4       Objectives of the Study                                               

1.5       Statement of Hypotheses                                                      

1.6       Significance of the Study                                                      

1.7       Scope of the Study                                                                

1.8       Limitations of the Study                                                       

1.9       Definitions of Terms                                                              

Chapter Two: Review of Related Literature              

2.1       Introduction                                                                          

2.2       The Banking Industry: A Historical Review

2.3       Classification of Banks

2.3.1  The Central Bank

2.3.2   The Commercial Bank

2.3.3    The Merchant Banks

2.3.4   Other Financial Institutions

2.4       General Perspective of the Functions of Banks

2.5       Government Regulation

2.5.1  Banks and other Financial Institution (BOFI) Decree

Chapter Three: Research Method and Design                  

3.1       Introduction                                                                          

3.2       Research Design                                                          

3.3       Description of Population of the Study                      

3.4       Sample Size                                                                           

3.5       Sampling Technique                                                             

3.6       Sources of Data Collection                                         

3.7       Method of Data Presentation                                      

3.8       Method of Data Analysis                                                      



Chapter Four: Data Presentation, Analysis

and Interpretation                                                                

4.1       Introduction                                                                          

4.2       Presentation of Data                                                             

4.3       Data Analysis                                                                        

Chapter Five: Summary of Findings, Conclusion

and Recommendations                                                      

5.1       Introduction                                                                      

5.2       Summary of Findings                                              

5.3       Conclusion                                                                

5.4       Recommendations                                                              





1.1   Background to the Study

As a result of the relative prominence accorded to the banking industry, no mention made of the economical development of any country (Nigeria not excepted) without reference to the banking sector, Thus, an attempt is made here (with respect to the principal purposes which this study is meant to serve) to bring to light a major determining factor (government regulation) worthy of consideration when a thought is given to the development of the banking industry.

Government regulation has helped tremendously to the development of the banking industry in Nigeria in the past decade to this present day, and it has also ensure towards building a good operational structure in the banking activities, especially as closely connected with the rate or degree of economic advancement of the country.

Moreover, in order to know how government regulation has enhanced the development of the banking sector, a brief highlight will be given to the Bank and other financial institution decree of 1991, among other regulations enacted by the government to control the banking system in the county. Therefore the main concern of this study will be based on the particular decree mentioned above.


1.2      Statement of Problem

The fundamental purpose of this study is to show how government regulation has contributed towards the development of the banking industry within the context of the Nigeria economy. In other-words, the study strives to explore and analyze critically the structure of the Nigeria banking system and see how government regulation has enhanced development in the sector.



1.3      Research Questions

For proper guidance and in-depth investigations of the research work, the researcher presented research questions which form major problems of the investigation these questions includes:

-                     Does government policy affect the banking

-                     Do the relevance of government regulation affect the operation of the policies of the bank towards a positive direction?

-                     Are there other factors that enable banks to evaluate the best policy for banking development?

1.4      Objectives of the Study

The objectives of this study are:

1.          Government policy affects the banking

2.          The relevance of government regulation affect the operation of the policies of the bank towards a positive direction.

3.          There are other factors that enable banks to evaluate the best policy for banking development.


1.5      Statement of Hypothesis

This research project is based on the null hypothesis (Ho) and the alternative hypothesis (Hi).

1.     Ho:  Government policy does not affect the banking

        Hi:   Government policy affects the banking

2.     Ho:  Changes in government policy does not affect the banking industries.

        Hi:   Changes in government policy affects the banking industries.


1.6      Significance of the Study

This study is very relevant or significant in that:

a.     It      affords anybody who reads this project the opportunity of appreciating banking as an integral part of any nation’s economy.

b.     It will enable any banking business to consider government regulation as a determining factor of the banking industry development.

c.     It will give any prospective venture of banking business the opportunity of knowing the legal frame work of banking undertaking.

1.7   Scope of the Study

This study covers government regulation as it affects and banking in the Nigeria economic atmosphere. Thus, no attempt is made in its entirety to go outside the Nigeria situation.


1.8   Limitation of study

Some of the seemingly insurmountable problems encountered during the course of conduction of these researches are as follows:

a.           Time constraint: Due to tight time schedule posed by the limited time interval as allowed by the school calendar for the academic session, there was virtually insufficient time to carry out an exhaustive or comprehensive study, particularly such as would enable for the collection of the required data from various (especially external) source.

b.           Financial constraint: Inadequate finance was another limitation posed on this research work. I really needed to invest enough amount of money for transport fares, good quality typing and binding etc.

c.           Inadequate reference materials: The consistent of reference materials are relevant or useful, textbook, journals, magazines etc. from which secondary data (which was the basic source of data for this study) are obtainable, however, some of this materials were not readily available in the school’s library.

1.9      Definition of Terms


Banking Business: This is the business of receiving deposit in current account, savings account or other similar account.

Banking: This is the business of receiving from the public on current account money which is to be repayable on demand by cheque and of making advances to customers


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