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The purpose of this study was to investigate the attitude of physical education teachers towards their understanding in planning strategies in organizing extra-mural competitions. The significance of the study was to educate the people on the importance of planning towards the organization of a successful extra-mural sports and games competitions. It also highlights the problems of effective planning in sports. The study intends to inculcate in physical education teachers, sports managers, organizing secretaries, coaches and athletes the process of planning in sports organizations. A total of one hundred (100) copies of questionnaires were administered and collected back from the respondents. Each copy of the questionnaire form consisted of twelve (12) statements.  The subjects for the study were drawn from Mushin Local Education District. These were mainly primary school male, female; ceremonial sport teachers, in all the five schools in Mushin local Education District.  Three statements of assumption were drawn at the beginning of the study. Based on the result of the study. The following are part of the recommendations made at the end of the study.  That the government should employ more trained physical education teachers. That the organization of sports should be the sole responsibility of trained physical education personnel.  The government, parents and organized private institution should provide adequate facilities and equipment for schools to enhance sport development.



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Abstract                                                                                  vi

Table of Contents                                                                   vii

Chapter One

1.1    Introduction                                                                 1

1.2    Background of the Problem                                        2

1.3    Statement of the Problem                                            4

1.4    Purpose of the Study                                                   4

1.5    Significance of the Study                                              5

1.6    Assumptions                                                                5

1.7    Delimitation                                                                  6

1.8    Limitation of the Study                                       7


Chapter Two     The Review of Related Literature

2.1    Introduction                                                                 8

2.2    Planning and the Organization                                    9

2.3    Principles of Extra-Mural Sports                                11

2.4    Definition of Planning                                                   13

2.5       Purpose of Good Planning in the Organization

of Sport                                                                         15

2.6       Factors that Affect Planning                               16

2.7       Process of Planning                                                      18

2.8       Principles of Good Planning                                        20

2.9       Levels of Planning                                                         21

2.10    Implications of Poor Planning                                     22

2.11    Administrative Duties of a Physical Education

Teacher in the Organization of Sport Programme      28

2.12    Experts View and the Subject of Research in the

Area of Study                                                                32


Chapter Three          Methodology

3.1    Introduction                                                                 35

3.2    Research Design                                                 35

3.3    Population Sample                                                       36

3.4    Procedure for Collection Data                                     37

3.5    Procedure for Data Analysis                                       37


Chapter Four     Data Analysis and Discussion

4.1    Introduction                                                                 38


Chapter Five      Summary, Discussion and Recommendation

5.1    Introduction                                                                 44

5.2    Summary of the Findings                                            44

5.3    Discussion                                                                    45

5.4    Recommendation                                                         49

          References                                                           50  








Most often than not, many planners fail, because they fail to plan, so, it is not an under statements; to say than the success of many human endeavours depend largely on sound planning particularly in an organized programme such as extra-mural sports and games which is susceptible to immediate evaluation of its objectives.


The objectives of extra-mural sports have been acclaimed by many experts in terms of its benefits to the growing school age child, therefore, it stands to research on to say that aloudable extra – mural progamme cannot make the child any good if proper planning did not form a fundamental part of the programme. It is on this premises that this research is based.


For the purpose of convenient research reporting, therefore, the report shall be written under five chapters which will comprises of “The Problem” “The Review of Related Literature” “Methodology of Research” “Data Analysis” and “Finding and Recommendations”.




Poor planning has been identified by many experts and even non-experts as a strong bane to sport developments in Nigeria thoughtless of inadequate planning at a local level and particularly at a school.

For instance, it is a common knowledge that about eighty (80%) percent of primary schools in Lagos State cannot boast of a very large space within the schools compound for a general recreational purposes and sports in particular.


Furthermore, many primary schools have no seasoned physical education teachers, many school have ceremonial sport teachers who are interested mainly in conducting annual school inter-house sport because of materials gains that are likely to accrue from such sports Jamboree.


The resultant effects usually experienced after such sport competition was usually no traces of positive advantages to the school children but manifestation of various planning inadequacies during the conduct of such sport programme.


Such ceremonial sport teachers have expressed satisfaction at the end such sports programme while many others have criticized the poorly planned extra – mural sport because of obvious poor administrative strategies glaringly evidenced during the conduct of such sport programme. Suffice at this juncture, therefore to list some of noticeable administrative problems that are prominent in a poorly organized sport programme.


These include violence and hooliganism which could result from lack of adequate provision for security; preventable injuries to players and supporters resulting from defective sports facilities and equipments.


Furthermore, there could be problem of poor public relation which could be consequent upon inadequate funding or total neglect by the organizers of the programme.


Also, there could be problems of staffing, improper co-ordination, misinformation, under budgeting and general administrative problems.


From the glaring administrative lags usually evidenced in planning extra-mural sports and games in our primary schools. One is of the opinion that many of such ceremonial sport teachers have no clear knowledge of the concept of planning extra-mural sports and games.


It is against this background that this researcher wants to investigate the perception of planning as a concept in organizing extra-mural sports and games in schools and colleges in Mushin area local government.



It is a recognized fact that inadequate planning of extra-mural sports was common feature in our schools. What is not clear is whether the sport-teacher have a clear perception of planning as a concept.



The role of planning in the organization of extra-mural sports cannot be over-emphasised. However, it is disheartening to note that physical education teachers and other personnel saddled with the responsibilities of organizing such competitions have always shown shallow knowledge of the roles played by the concept “planning” towards achieving the stated goals for such competitions.


The purpose of the study therefore is to investigate the attitudes of physical education teachers towards the understanding of planning strategies in organizing-extra-mural competitions.

Furthermore, the research study is to determine the benefits of effective planning on the performance of athletes in extra-mural sports.



The result of this study will educate the people on the importance of planning towards the organization of a successful extra-mural sports competition. It will also highlight the problems of effective planning in sports.


Moreso, it will educate physical education teachers, sports managers, organizing secretaries, coaches, athletes and players on the process of planning, the study will also creates awareness for proper planning as an essential ingredients for improved performances in sports.

Apart from all these, the report shall serve as reference material for further studies in this area.



For the purpose of this study, the following statements of assumptions are made:

1.   The games masters/physical education teacher do not monopolise the running of extra-mural activities in the schools.

2.   That there are no adequate facilities and equipment for extra-mural sports and games activities in schools.

3.   That the games masters/ physical education teachers have no adequate knowledge of planning extra-mural sport and games.



This study was delimited to Mushin Local Government Education District in Lagos State.

However, because of high number of schools in the Education District Area under investigation; some selected schools (10) ten in number were used for the study. The school includes:

1.   Ayelabowo Nur/Pry School, Idi Oro,Mushin

2.   St. Paul Anglican Primary School, Alakara, Mushin

3.   Biney Memorial Primary School Moshalashi

4.   Anglican Primary School Moshalashi, Mushin

5.   Akodu Primary School, Mushin

Furthermore, one hundred (100) subjects were used as samples for the study (2) two ceremonial sport teacher and (2) two physical education trained teacher, head teacher and other classroom teachers were randomly selected in each school without bias and regardless of sex, age and other barriers.


During the course of this study some problems were encountered. These include:

The lack of inadequate textbooks, for the review of related literature. Also the researcher found it difficult to retrieve some of the questionnaires from the respondents. 

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