SCIENCE TEACHERS AND STUDENTS ATTITUDE AND AWARENESS ON CLIMATE CHANGE A Study of Private and Public Secondary Schools in Ojo-Amuwo Lagos State)



This research tends to examine Science Teachers and Students’ Attitude and Awareness on Climate Change with reference to three private and three public secondary schools in Ojo-Amuwo Lagos State.

The research adopted survey design technique and primary source was use in gathering data with the use of a well-structured questionnaire.

A sample of Three Hundred students were selected by the use of stratified sampling technique.

Five hypotheses were formulated and tested for the purpose of drawing a conclusion in this research. The data garnered were presented on table and the hypotheses were analysed with the use of ANOVA.

The result of the analysese resulted into concluding that there is a significant difference among best subject and students also there is a significant difference among the subject base and students attitude to the concept, causes, consequences and control of climate change.  

Recommendations were proffered to the schools of study and other schools as a whole.






1.1   Introduction

1.2   Purpose of Study       

1.3 Statement of Problem

1.4   Research Questions  

1.5   Statement of Hypothesis    

1.6   Scope of the Study

1.7   Limitation of the Research



2.1   Climate Change

2.2   Causes of Climate Change  

2.3   The Green House Effect

2.4   Rise in Temperature

2.5   Deforestation

2.6   Effects of Some Compounds Such As Nitrogen Compounds Carbon Sulphur Compounds, O3 and Other Compounds

2.7   Ozone (O3)

2.8   Effect of Climate Change on Man   

2.9   Effects on Animals       

2.10 Effects on Aquatic Organism 



3.0   Research Methodology

3.1   Research Design

3.2   Population of Study  

3.3   Sample Size of the Population

3.4   Development of Instrument

3.5   Validation of Instrument

3.6   Reliability of Instrument

3.7   Administration of the Question

3.8   Procedure for Data Collection and Analysis



4.1   Presentation of Results

4.2   ANOVA Table on Subject Base



5.1   Summary of Major Findings

5.2   Conclusion

5.3   Recommendation








Climate change is one of the most undesirable changes that is really causing much havoc  and concern to the entire inhabitations of the globe. It is a thing of an issue that requires total and undisturbed attention of every individual living.


Climate change as noted has become a frequently discussed issue over the past years.  This issue is really or simply at increase on the earth surface temperature, which is mainly caused by human activity  with question, the technical term is Anthropogenic.


There are many factors which could be attributed to as the main cause of this change. It could be forces caused by internal and external  forces like the Earth’s Orbit, solar radiation and green house gas concentration.         


In addition, the ice age is another example of climate change which recently is the focus of some.

It is quite a pity that the earth in which we live today, that has housed accommodated millions of species, for thousands of years is in grave danger due to climate change.

Many have even come to believe that human activities are a  major cause of climate change which may be a catastrophic consequences for the climate and the environment. For example large-scale melting of land based ice as said and the expansion of the oceans as water, warms could cause the sea level to rise drastically. Low lying islands such as Tuvalu in Australia could disappear also a large part of low lying islands in Netherlands and Florida could also disappear. Moreover millions of people could be displaced from such places as Shanghai and Calcutta as well as part of Beng Ladesh.

For some, the physical processes that underlie global climate systems are complex and not folly understood. In addition, interest groups tend to put their own spin on the scientific  data such as that used to show why temperature are rising.

According to a recent report of the UN sponsored intergovernmental parcel on climate change (IPCC) climate change, is “unequivocal” or a fact and very likely” mankind is largely to be blame. Some who differ with this conclusion epically in regard.   To the human factor concede that cities may be hearting up because they are  growing in size. Moreover concrete and Steel readily absorb the sun’s heat  and tend to cool down slowly at night. But urban reading, Skeptics say, do not reflect the trend in rural areas and can distort global statistics. 

Modern scientist and geologist also in recent times have conducted researches and concluded that by the 21st century, the earth will be 4oC warmer, due to the effects of excess green house gas.  

In the world today, it is estimated that Australia has about the world’s largest emission of green house gases followed closely by the United State of America yet with all these effects, we are yet to know the actual meaning effects of these to the climate or globe.

Having elaborated early, the major factors which could be napped down as the backbone of climate change are by product of greenhouse effects, the combustion  of fossil. Fuels has also brought about an ever increasing rise in the carbodioxide (Co2) concentration in the atmosphere, the Ozone layer depiction and effects of some gases such as methane (Ch4) sulphur compounds (So3 and So2) Nitrogen Oxides and Oxidant (O3) mentioned early.   

1.2   PURPOSE OF STUDY       

It is observed that there is high increase in thus issue of climate change but many are uncertain of both the causes and the consequences. Human activities may be a factor, they say but not necessarily the primary one, I think there is a disagreement on that.

But, it is noted that the two main  agents in which information and knowledge can be disseminated to the society are the teacher and the students particular the science teachers and science students. This study is geared toward finding out how much awareness have the science teachers and students to climate.

It is also to investigate or find out their attitude to climate change since knowledge is power for the fact that they are the one to inform the society the rate of damage cause by climate change.

This study also looks on how equip the science teachers and science students with the bases and steps to take on enlightening others on climate change since their serve as a bridge between scientific events and the society.  


Climate change has gone beyond the level of saying that things will come back to normal as it can be said in this present economic crisis. For the fact that science teachers and students  have different ideas and concept about climate change of which we cannot ascertain both in primary secondary and tertiary institution.

Consequently the researcher of this project work intend to investigate the level of awareness and attitude of science teachers and students to climate change      


In order to arrive at a reasonable conclusion about the science teachers and students awareness and attitude to climate change. Some of the questions raised are:

What are the major causes of climate change?

Are the science teachers and students aware of them?.

What is their attitude to climate change?.

Are there possible solution to this climate change?

Is there any significant effect on the thousands of species on the globe?

Is there any significant effect on the teaching and learning process in the school?.


There is a significant difference among best subject and students

There is a significant difference among the subject base and students attitude to the concept, causes, consequences and control of climate change.  

That there is a significant difference among the students’ awareness of global warming.

There is a significant difference among the students’ awareness of ozone layer.

That there is a significant difference among the students’ awareness of climate change.   


The scope of this research work is  the Nigeria Navy Secondary School Ojo and Sandwich Science students of Lagos State University, Ojo. 

This research work will cover the causes of climate change and its effects.


Putting into consideration the nature of the administrative set up in the school, the researcher may not be able to lay hold of the necessary information required. Therefore the work will be based on the information made available. Moreso, at the period of the research, most of the science teachers and may not be acquerted  with the latest information on climate change. This is that the researcher ahs to go extra mile in consulting different relevant materials to the study.

Also most of the Sandwich science students’ of Lagos State University will not be readily available for response to the study.


Another thing is that time factor and transportation may create a problem to the  researcher which means that the researcher will not be able to get many of the science teachers and students to either interview, fill questionnaires or give other relevant information.


Despite, all the limitation, the researcher will do everything possible to make sure that incomplete /false information is not given about the study.          







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