This study examines the effect of good filing system on organization. The work helps to investigate why some business organization pay attention to good filing system and to examine if some business organization still use the conventional method of filing. It was revealed that the conventional method of filing is fading away gradually for scientific method of filing (using computers) because the latter does not ensure quick retrieval of document. It was recommended that for a good filing system to be possible, qualified personnel should be employed to carry out the process of filing and retrieval of files.



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Table of Contents                                                               v

List of Table                                                                      vii

Abstract                                                                            viii

Chapter One: Introduction                                               1

1.1       Background to the Study                                           1

1.2       Statement of the Problem                                           3

1.3       Objectives of the Study                                               4

1.4       Research Questions                                                   5

1.5       Statement of Hypothesis                                            5

1.6       Scope of the Study                                                     6

1.7       Significance of the Study                                            6

1.8       Limitation of the Study                                              7

1.9       Operational Definition of Terms                                  7


Chapter Two: Literature Review                                       8

2.1       Filing                                                                        8

2.2       Importance of Filing                                                   9

2.3       Effect of a good Filing System                                     11

2.4       Centralization and Departmental Filing                       12

2.5       Types of Filing System                                               15

2.6       Filing Equipment                                                       19


2.7       Indexing                                                                    22

2.8       Microfiling                                                                 23


Chapter Three: Research Method                                      24

3.1       Research Design                                                        24

3.2       Population of the Study                                              24

3.3       Sample and Sampling Techniques                               24

3.4       Instrumentation                                                25

3.5       Method of Data Collection                                          25

3.6       Method of Data Analysis                                             26


Chapter Four: Data Presentation Analysis and

Discussion                                                                       27

4.1       Introduction                                                              27

4.2       Data Analysis                                                            33

4.3       Hypothesis Testing                                                     36

4.4       Discussion of Findings                                               41


Chapter Five: Summary Conclusion and

Recommendations                                                           43

5.1       Summary                                                                  43

5.2       Conclusion                                                                44

5.3       Recommendations                                                     45

References                                                                 48

Appendices                                                                49


Table 4.1  Sex of the Respondents                                   27

Table 4.2  Age distribution of the Respondents                        28

Table 4.3  Qualifications of respondents                          28

Table 4.4  Working experience of the Respondents          29

Table 4.5  Examining why some business organization

pay less attention to good filing system           30

Table 4.6  Examining whether or not some

business organization still use the

conventional method filing                              33




1.1      Background to the Study

In business organization, one of the most important ingredients of effective filing is record as it is “a raw material to opinion” for any record to be reached at any time. It is needed there should be appropriate record.

According to Simplyo (2010) records are the memory of any business organization in the form of documents to preserve knowledge of acts, event, facts, or ideas. It may be a written or graphic material related to business activities either in active use or in storage for future reference such as administrative files, personnel files, supply files, operational and fiscal files.

Records can be classified as general or confidential files in a methodical manner for preservation and ready reference.

Having the above thought in mind, Charles (2013) says organizations establish filing systems to accommodate the type of records then need to keeps those files need to be regularly updated and accurate to maintain the integrity of the files. It’s filing as become inherent as files records and information are in daily use throughout the office.

Moreover, every business or programs most address well-defined objectives which will add value directly to the bottom line or toward the achievement of the organization goals and objectives. Record management as an result of filing procedure and system United State Environment Protection Agency (USEPA).

According to Educational Technologies Office (ETO) organized noted that a good filing system is the central record keeping system for an organization. It emphasized that filing help to present and as organized, systematic, efficient and transparent. It also helps all people who should be able to do so easily. It is always a pleasure when someone looks for something and its easily found without difficulty. Organization work in group so filing of document both incoming and outgoing is paramount.

Given that records should provide evidence of business activities and related records should be kept together to aid the construction of context, file should be considered the smallest mist of the record keeping system in themselves. Individual document are variety as important as complete files in order that action are executed responsibly and with regard to precedent and possible conservancies, all relevant information should be at hand (source office of corporate and legal affairs University College Cork (UCC 2014), a single office may create hundred or thousands of files every  year for many reasons. It is appropriate that control are record can be exercised at a level higher than individual files, this is the primary justification for a filing system.

1.2      Statement of the Problem

The conventional style of filing document in recent time has changed as filing systems tends to be more scientific for record purposes, quick retrieval and proper document.

Aristotle (1992), the great Greek philosopher believed that information is a raw material to opinion. Information therefore is required for sound managerial decision making. Documents have to be filed judiciously so as to promote appropriate planning an increase that value of managerial capabilities. Since documents are protected and prevented from missing in transit and can be refereed to it in future.

Despite all this, most business organization are still facing some problem in locating document in their offices which lead to inefficiency and ineffectiveness in managerial decision making.

1.3      Objective of the Study

The objective of this study is to:

1.          investigate why some business organization pay attention to good filing system.

2.          examine if some business organization still use the conventional method of filing.

3.          identify how scientific method of filing can lead to quick retrieval of documents.

4.          determine the effect of good filing return on managerial decision making.

5.          analyze the impact qualified employee (personnel) have on proper filing procedures in business organization.

1.4      Research Question

1.          How can some business organization pay less attention to good filing system?

2.          How can organization use the conventional method of filing in their business organization system?

3.          How can scientific method of filing lead to quick retrieval of document?

4.          What are the effect of good filing return on managerial decision making?

5.          What are the impact of qualified employee be analyzed on proper filing procedures in business organization?

1.5      Statement of Hypothesis

1.          There is no relationship between business organization and filing system.

2.          There is no relationship between business organization and conventional method of filing.

3.          There is no relationship between the scientific method of filing and retrieval of document.

1.6      Scope of the Study

This study examines the effect of good filing system on business organization in Nigeria. The time frame is between 2009 – 2014 for the course of this study, the researcher used a high sample size of 86 for effective survey using Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi as a case study.

1.7      Significance of the Study

At the end of this study, vital and useful information would be provided on the effect of good filing system and how it has enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in business organization.

The study will also help in the identification of some of the hurdles and obstacles faced by business organizations that still use conventional system of filing. It will also help to identify the importance of qualified personnel (employee) in the proper filing procedures in business organization.

Finally, the study would provide business organization with the best way to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in filing system in their organization.

1.8      Limitation of the Study

The scope of the study will be limited to Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi to ascertain aspect of filing system in business organization of filing, the importance of filing, effect of good filing system, types of filing, filing equipments, indexing and microfilming.

1.9      Operational Definition of Terms

The underlets words are operational term used in the course of this study.

Filing: It is the process of sorting document or letter into appropriate groupings in cabinets, drawers, etc for future reference purposes.

System: Group of thing or part working together in a regular relation.

Organization: Network of individual whose chief aim is to strive for a goal through a hierarchy of positions.

Efficiency: Producing a desired or satisfactory result.

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