This study examined the role of youth in politics with a view to identifying factors affecting it and offering some suggestion for improvements. This is born of fact that youths participate mainly in thuggery in other to establishment themselves in politics. The descriptive survey method is used because of the nature of the research problem. This research work is to analyze and evaluate the role played by the youths in the 2003 election of the Ideato-south L.G.A. the research also aimed at revealing the strategies and manner of approach adopted by youths to stand their ground in fighting the ugly treat in their community politics. The field of study shows that SSCE holders engaged more in politics than highly educated persons with B.Sc, M.Sc., Ro PGD degrees. And that those without any occupation feature more presently in politics of Ideato South LGA. Also, the research shows the population of youth in Ideato south LGA and that a greater number of youths within the age bracket of (26-30) resounded to questionnaire. And that the male in Ideato South are more political active than their female counterpart. The research described that total of 15 questionnaire were printed and administered completely. Secondly, source of data collection both the primary and secondary means of data were used in this work. Relevant materials such as textbooks, newspapers, local journals and unpublished lecture notes, minutes from youth meeting. Data and research findings are presented textually and illustrated with percentages, tables and charts. It as discovered that poverty (lack of strong economic basis) sex role socialization, that turbulence unpredictable nature of Nigeria Politics, tiny and placing lack of political education, among others, are problems that are leading youths to hugger. For the much desire improvement this research suggests the crediting of a practicable economic empowerment package for youths guide managerial services. There is need to re-package (in terms of method, timing content and evaluation) youths sensitization/mobilization programmes to make them more relevant and meaningful to a greater number of youths. A psychological re-orientation aimed at equality between male and females is necessary, youths are equally advised to seek personal/group improvement in order to be more political conscious and exposed.


















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1.1   Background of the Study                           …1

1.2   Statement of Problem                                …2

1.3   Objective of the Study                                …3

1.4   Significance of Study                                         …3

1.5   Research Methodology                              …. 4

1.6   Scope of Study                                        …5

1.7   Limitation of Study                                    … 6

1.8   Definition of Research Terms                     …6




2.1   Local Government and the Society: A Conceptualization                                                      8           

2.2   Administrative Management of Local Government … 21

2.3    The Social Capability of Youth in Local Government

         Political Settings                                ….           35 

2.4    Youths Involvement in Nigeria Politics              41



3.1   Brief Historical (Political) Description of Ideato

        South LGA                              ….                  45

3.2   Rationale Behind Ideato South Youths Involvement

in Politics                                                … 46

3.3.1 Socio-Economical Factors                           …47

3.3.2 Socio Political Factor                                …48

3.3.3 Socio-Psychological Factor            …..           48              



4.1   The General Effects of Youth Involvement in Local

        Politics                                                        50

4.2   Youth and the Politics of Local Government …      52


CHAPTER FIVE: Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1   Summary                                                …56

5.2   Conclusion                                             …57

5.3   Recommendation                                       …58

BIBLIOGRAPHY                                          …59














1.1     Background of the Study

Some scholars postulate that the origin of politics is as old as the human race; this implies that right from the very foundation of human existence on earth, politics has always co-exhibited with man. This is why Aristotle (384-322 BC) observed that.

Man is by nature a political Animal. This excerpt above clearly shows that man cannot be separated from politics, vice versa.

Since politics is a nature of man; and the youths are the bone and blood of any society, suggest that the youths are relevant mid plays active role in politics.

Thus, the politics of Nigeria pedigree cannot be complete without the pivotal role, which the youths play. But, the question that would disturb any patriotic and serious minded Nigeria is what kind and manner of role do Nigerian youths play in Nigerian politics? A sincere answer to this probing, question clearly explains the crux of this topic and to an extent forms the background of this research work. It is pertinent to understand whom the youths actually represent in any society.

In fact, the youths are the basic human reservoir of every society. They are middlemen or the bridge between children and adults. This is why Cattle R. described the youths as:

A stage off development, which people experience after adolescence before becoming full, fledge adult... (1950).

In every society, there exists a stale in human life span called the “special time of life.” A stage when human or an individual if faced with political, social, economical and psychological challenges of life. And, Nigerian youths are not an exception to these challenges particularly the Ideato South LGA youths. Ideato South Local Government since its creation in 1992 by the then administration of President Ibrahim Babangida from the old Ideato LGA as a whole is adamant in participating in politics. This is because the vacuum created by the previous leaders on only be corrected by no other group except the youths.

Thus, this research work is geared towards exposing the relentless efforts of the Ideato South youths towards steering around their political fortune from had to good.

1.2     Statement of Problem

Due to the corrupt nature of Nigerian politics and politicians, in which Ideato South LGA is no exception has resulted to abject poverty, dilapidation of infrastructures, violation of human, rights, neglect and marginalization of youths. The life of Ideato South youths as enveloped with all these problems, which has led them to indulge in various societal ills such as drug abuse, prostitution, armed robbery, alcoholism and political thuggery etc.

In View of these aforementioned shortcomings, which posed a serious threat to the socio-political welfare of the Ideato South youths and to the entire community at large; and the barriers and challenges, which the youths faced in the 2003, election in Ideato South LGA forms the nucleus of the research problem.


1.3     Objective of the Study

The main stress of this research work is to analyze and evaluate the role played by the youths in the 2003 election of the Ideato South LGA. It also aimed at exposing the strategies and manner of approach adopted by youths to stand their ground in fighting the ugly trend in their community (council) politics. Political system had undergone using the grassroots election at Ideato South as a case study.

Additionally, it is to verify in actually whether the encouraging and active role of the youths yielded any success; if the war against abnormality and inconsistence was won by the youths.

Lastly, the reason (s) and rationale behind the secret to why the youths (Ideato South) are too committed, unrelenting and strongly anchored to the curse even to the point of sacrificing their lives.


1.4     Significance of Study

It is a known that the youths in any society are regarded as the “pillar of the society”, the “vanguard of society”, thus, they are indispensable not only in the political sector but also in the socio-economical life of any society.

Thus the study on the role of youths in Nigerian politics is very significant because it amplifies the essential regulative and corrective role, which no other group plays except the youths in any political system.

Again, the significance of the study comes to limelight because the research work x-rays specifically the role(s) the Ideato South youths played in their grass-root politics to steer around their bad fortune for good. On the same vein, if the entire Nigeria youths would unite, irrespective of cultural background and emulate the foot step of the Ideato South youths; the decayed Nigerian political system can be sailed to the island of good political fortune.

On the whole, the study implies that no political system can make any headway without its youths; thus,

Nigerian government should empower the youths and give them more participating right and to stop using them to commit political crime and huggers.


1.5     Research Methodology

In this work, survey design will be used for the research design. This will help the researcher(s) in observing what is happening to the variables under investigation or study.

In order to create well-observed and understood study, the cross sectional survey design that is explanatory is used.


In the curse of this study, both the primary and secondary means of data were used. Relevant materials such as textbooks, newspapers, local journal, and unpublished lecture notes, minutes from youths meeting etc.

Also, questionnaires will be prepared and distributed to the sample survey; and face-to face interviews will be arranged with major stakeholders in Ideato-South.





1.6     Scope of Study

The scope of this research work generally overview the role of youths in Nigeria politics, with specific consideration on the Ideato South youths in the 2003 election. It will also cover most of their exhibited behavior in achieving their collective aim.

In addition, some of their societal ills are display throughout the process of their goal attainment, the behavioral adaptation of some youths getting in touch with strange characters and finally the outcome of their involvement.



1.7 Limitation of Study

This study shall be limited to the local government administration and  Youth involvement in politics. However, the unbridled nature of local government will no doubt require us to reflect some germane issues, which will give a sound footing to the research. Also, issues that will not be useful to the research will be delimited.


1.8     Definition of Research Terms

Certain concepts that are relevant to this research project require operational definition, which facilitate the comprehensive of the work.


This are define as a state of development some people go through following adolescence and prior to assuming the full responsibilities of adulthood. He further explains thus: That youths are men and women of college and graduated school age were unable to settle down as their parents had, ho did no to consider themselves to be adults, and who often strongly challenge the existing social rider.

Thus, youths simply refers to the young people between the childhood and adulthood, they are in their achieve stage of life. The age is grouped between 18-55 years.




This can be defined as the challenge for a man or a number of a man or a number of individuals to realize their own will in a communal action even against the resistance of others, which are part of social relationship.

Power is the ability to do something, to act, enforce, some timers to reward the complaint, persuade the recalcitrant punish offender, mediate over conflict and coerce the intransigent.

Generally, power is the ability to issue effective command; it is to be able to get other people do what they want them to do.


As the art or science of government; as a means of winning and keeping governmental control.

In addition, defines politics as ... the act of government; political affairs, life, or principles of governance.


This is a representative government that relies on the ballot as to final arbiters and the sanctity of the constitution as the voice of the people. Thus, Abraham Lincoln defines democracy simply as government of the people, by the people and for the people.



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