Business firms are normally expected to produce and
contribute consumer’s goods and services. This study is designed to examine the role of social responsibility of public organization. In other to achieve this purpose, primary and secondary sources of data were relied upon. Information was gathered from textbooks, journals, news papers and library archive. Chi-square statistical tool was used to analyze and test the hypothesis and simple random method was used to present and analyze data. It was observed that some organizations are socially responsible while others are yet to play their expected role in this area. It was therefore concluded that social responsibility is a necessary task that should be undertaken to the host community. It was recommended among others that public enterprise should employ indigenes of the community where they are operating as means of reducing crime in the community. 



Title Page                                                                 i

Certification                                                             ii

Dedication                                                               iii

Acknowledgements                                                  iv

Abstract                                                                   v

Table of Contents                                                     vi

Chapter One: Introduction  

1.1      Background to the Study                                                 1

1.2   Statement of Problem                                              2

1.3   Research Questions                                                         2

1.4   Objectives of the Study                                            3

1.5   Statement of Hypotheses                                         4

1.6   Significance of the Study                                         5

1.7   Scope of the Study                                                   6

1.8   Limitations of the Study                                          6

1.9   Definition of Terms                                                  7

Chapter Two: Literature Review

2.1      Introduction                                                             8

2.2      History of Edo Cement Company Limited                        10

2.3   The Impact of Industries on its Physical

Environment                                                            15

2.4   Factors Responsible for Social Responsibility

Behaviour                                                                15

2.5   Corporate Social Responsibility                               17

2.6   Social Responsibility                                               19

2.7      Responsibility to Government                                  22

2.8   Demand for Social Responsibility                            23

2.9   Evaluating Social Responsibility                              25

2.10  Developing a Management Strategy for Social Responsibility                                                          26

2.11  Conflict Between Shareholders Wealth Maximization

and Business Social Responsibility                         28

2.12   Impact of Social Responsibility to the Customer    29

2.13   Impact of Social Responsibility to the Public at

 Large                                                                       30

Chapter Three: Research Method and Design

3.1   Introduction                                                             32

3.2   Research Design                                                      32

3.3   Description of Population of the Study                    33

3.4      Sample Size                                                             33

3.5   Sampling Technique                                                        34

3.6   Sources of Data Collection                                       34

3.7   Method of Data Presentation                                   35

3.8   Method of Data Analysis                                         35

Chapter Four: Data Analysis, Presentation and Interpretation  

4.1   Introduction                                                             37

4.2   Data Presentation                                                    38

4.3   Data Analysis                                                           38

4.4   Hypotheses Testing                                                          48

Chapter Five: Summary of Findings, Conclusion and


5.1   Introduction                                                             57

5.2   Summary of Findings                                              57

5.3      Conclusion                                                              58

5.4   Recommendations                                                   59

References                                                               61

Appendix I                                                               62

Appendix II                                                              63   








1.1      Background to the Study

Business firms are normally expected to produce and distribute consumer’s goods and services. That is their basic role.

In connection with performing that role, employees are expected to have their salaries on time and owners expecting dividends.

However, there are other responsibilities that the business meets. The business is expected to meet the people’s need by providing for them things like good road, networks, school, health centers, borehole for water, recreational facilities sport e.g. football team etc.

Under normal circumstances, a business operates in an environment shared by other human activities and the organization as a corporation is bound to have an influence on the normal happenings to the lives of the people surrounding it.

In a nutshell, should corporations or business in general concern themselves primarily with attainment of profit for its shareholders or should they embark on solving the people’s problem such as that of polution, sanitation etc all these shave to be put into consideration.

1.2   Statement of Problem

As it were social responsibility in public enterprise has not been fully carried out by individual, firms and public enterprise. This is as a result of corporate failure between employers and employees, firms and their immediate environment and failures of the immediate community to discharge their duties in making sure that the location of public enterprises are conducive for business purposes.     

1.3   Research Questions

1.     What are the impacts of industry on its physical environment?

2.     What are the factors responsible for social responsibility behaviour?

3.     What are the responsibilities of public enterprise to government?

4.     To what extent has the demand for social responsibility affected the economy.

5.     What are the impacts of social responsibility to the public at large?

1.4   Objectives of the Study

This study is intended to accomplish the following:

1.     To highlight the importance of social responsibility to the employee and the general public.

2.     It helps to create awareness about the responsibility a company owes the community in which it operates.

3.     It enlightens the general public about the importance of social responsibility to them.

4.     It serves as a medium of increasing the intellectual and thinking ability of the students.

5.     To provide an avenue for assessing the performance of students, who have passed out of this programme?

6.     It leads to the development of the community.

7.     It can also lead to rapid industrial growth and development

1.5   Statement of Hypotheses

Hypothesis One

Ho:  Social responsibility does not contribute to the development of the economy.

HI:    Social responsibility contributes to the development of the economy.

Hypothesis Two

Ho:  Businesses are not socially responsible to the government, customers and employers to their owner and the public at large.

HI:    Businesses are socially responsible to the government, customers and employers to their owner and the public at large.

Hypothesis Three

Ho:  Businesses are not established to solve the problem of the society but to maximize profit to their owners.

HI:    Businesses are established to solve the problem of the society but to maximize profit to their owners.

1.6   Significance of the Study

This work will benefit the Polytechnic community and students in general, in the following ways:

i.      It will enable students or researchers acquire knowledge and better understanding of this topic.

ii.     It will also enable employers to become more conscious of their duties especially n terms of social responsibility of business enterprise.

iii.    It will help to generate a data or information in further research problems

iv.    It will help to point out and fill the gaps between the old and new knowledge.

v.     It will also help to promote peace and unity in the community.

vi.    It leads to the development of the community.

vii.   It can also lead to industrial growth and development.


1.7   Scope of the Study 

This research work has been set out to consider social responsibility and its implementation to public organization with a particular reference to Edo State Cement Company Limited majority of this work is merely a review of past literature textbooks, journal, newspapers and lecture notes sources of information.

This study covers how social responsibility is determined and patterns of social action programmes etc.

Finally, we will provide recommendation on how increase social responsibility in public organization.

1.8   Limitations of the Study

1.     Inadequate records and data: There were inadequate records and data that will enable the researcher get information for this work. There were also no enough materials in the library and some of the information/materials present are obsolete.

2.     Source of literature that contains write up on social responsibility was not much available to carryout this work.

3.     Finance: There was lack of fund on the part of the researcher to get the information/material required to carryout this research work.

4.     This research work has also served as a distraction to the researcher and also prevented them from attending lectures.

1.9   Definition of Terms

Business: A business is the occupation, work or trade in which person is engaged, though it usually excludes the professions.

Environment: Is the aggregate of social and cultural conditions that influence the life of an individual or community.

Social Responsibility: This can be defined as those duties which an organization owes to the environment of its operation.

Customer: A person that buys goods and services repeatedly from one source.

Profit: The payment for sound judgement in the use of the factors of production. It is also the payment of taking risk.

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