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The purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalence of drug abuse among secondary school students in Ojo Local Government Areas, Lagos State


A total of five hundred (500) hundred respondents were selected from five schools for the study. The research designed used was descriptive design and structured questionnaire was used to collect data which was analyzed using descriptive statistics of inferential statistics of chi-square at 0.05 level of significance.


Findings showed that peer influence, lack of knowledge, environment and family background influences the rate of drug abuse among students in Ojo Local Government Area of Lagos State.














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Background to the Study                                                         1     

Purpose of the Study                                                       4

Statement of the Problem                                                5 

Research Question                                                                   7


Research Hypotheses                                                       7

Significance of the Study                                                         8

Delimitation of the Study                                                 9

Limitation of the Study                                                    9

Definition of Terms                                                          9 



Concepts of drug                                                                          12

Peer influence and drug use                                                      15

Nature of job and drug use                                                       16

Economic status and drug use                                                 17

Availability of money and drug use                               18

Sex and drug use                                                                         19  

Social factors and drug use                                                      21  

People's attitudes towards drug abuse                                  22  

Types of abused drugs in the society                                      23  

Consequences of drug abuse                                                    27

Causes of drug use and addicts                                               29

Effect of drugs abuse on health                                                34

Health implication on drugs abuse                                35

Reasons for drugs abuse and addict                                      37  

The evil associated with drug addiction                                 43  



Research design                                                       50

Population                                                               51

Sampling and sampling techniques                                 52

Instrumentation                                                       52

Validity of the instrument                                                52

Reliability of instrument                                          52

Data collection                                                         53

Data analysis                                                           53




Data Analysis                                                                   54

Testing Of Hypothesis                                                      55  



Summary                                                                 64

Conclusion                                                              65

Recommendation                                                     66 References                                                         67

Questionnaire                                                          71
















Background To The Study

Since the earliest times, herbs, leaves, plant have been used to relief pain and control diseases. It seems that for every ailment or discomfort there is  the proper  pills or portion which may be easily obtained. Analgesic, antibiotics, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, and caffeine  (contained in drinks such as coffee, tea and cocoa), Nicotine (contained in substance such as cigarettes, cigar and pipe tobacco) alcohol  (contained in drink such as spirits beer and wine) are but a few of the familiar drugs which are commonly used in our society.


Drug are like finger of God. They can heal and smite (Pawentt and Fapka, 1999). Every drug has its own benefits when it is used properly and they also produce side effects when it is not administered properly. The use of drugs does not constitute an evil and drugs properly administered have been a medical blessing (Gilman 2000). A research carried out in 2004 by Harvard university shows the drug (marijuana) has been found to alleviate the nausea caused by chemo-therapy and it evidently helps AIDs suffers to overcome loss of appetite. Unfortunately certain drugs also initially produce enticing side effects such as feeling of euphoric, senses of feeling good which result to drug dependence and abuse (Gilman ad Goodman, 2000).    


Moronkola (1999) Citing Burns (1999) reported that drugs abuse is a world wide public health, economic and socio-political problems today. It is not a problem for anyone, country and it permeates all cultures, continents, classes and status. Adebisi (2001) summed it up that it knows no boundaries or social class, sex or age, and is increasingly affecting young people.


Flach (2002) reported that there had been an alarming growth in the abuse of drug. Drug abuse is a major health problem in the world. He further stated that what is new and startling is the extent to which the drug abuse problem had invaded some families and schools especially higher institution and had taken as its victims teenage and pre-teen children. 


Although, the incidence of drug abuse among Nigerians youth has been observed since 1950’s. It was not until the 1970’s that there was really a great upsurge in the incidence of drug abuse (Aileru 1999). With the oil boom in the mid 1970s there was a change in the life style of Nigeria youths. This period coincided with occurrence of new drugs like heroine and cocaine in Britain and America. At this time, it became the fashion for parent to send their children on summer holidays and it was at this time that Nigeria started witnessing an increase in strikes and students demonstration (Ebie and Pela, 1999). The problems of drugs abuse is so grave that it has extended beyond the usual characteristics profile  of abusers being male, audit and urban based to now include female  youngsters and people of different status. (Ebie and Pela, 1999)  


Contemporary society has experience an over increasing number of problems factors that have a bearing drug-taking behaviour. Peer influence is extremely important in the development of the drug habit, particularly during the teenage and college years, young people often try to use drug if its accepted and admired within their social group (Pemede 2002).


The need to become competent in some social, intellectual and physical skills and the need for power over their own destiny through wealth, achievement and / or respect from others also contributes to drugs abuse. Although, there are many contributing factors leading to the great upsurge of drug abuse in the world but researchers has shown that drug abuse is more common and prevalent among youths.       


Purpose Of The Study

The purpose of this study includes:

1.  To investigate if peer influence will contribute to  the prevalence of drugs abuse among secondary school students.

2.  To examine if lack of knowledge will contribute to the prevalence of drugs abuse among secondary school students.

3.  To determine if family   background  will influence the prevalence of drugs abuse among  secondary school students

4.  To investigate if environment will contribute to the prevalence of drug abuse among secondary school students

5.  To examine if availability of money will contribute to the prevalence of drug abuse among secondary school student.






Statement Of The Problem                     

Adolescence is a time of experimentation and risk taking and the initiation of substance or drugs use often begins during this period. The consequences of drugs use often begins during this period. The habit not only affect health, education and occasional career, but also incurs a huge financial and social burden to the society. Drug use among secondary school students is commonly associated with unsafe sexual behaviour, school and social misbehaviour, poor academic performance and may eventually lead to the contribution of drug use in adulthood  (Pemede 2002).


Drug abuse has gone a long way to create several health problems and dangers. In our societies. Such health problems include mental illness, cancer of the lungs, school dropouts, juvenile delinquency and also delirious behaviour (Bozarth, 2001).


The alarming rate of school drop-out in our society today whereby drug abuse is a major predisposing factor become a concern. No wonder conclusion has been drawn to the fact that the factors leading to the victims exposure are quite common this includes the consumption of dangerous drugs during  cultural and other festivities at schools or during sports or athletic completions among students, as these students exposed themselves to practicing drug abuse.     


Student consumption of drugs during examination for the purpose of alertness is also very common. Also these adolescent periods are the periods of chasing the opposite sex which most of them cannot ordinarily do without the use of some drugs and during social gathering. The timid types purposely take some drugs to enable them become bold.

The abuse of these drugs which leads to addiction among these secondary school students gradually progresses to cause a hast of evil happenings in our society such as incessant occurrence of road traffic accidents as a result of effects of these substance. Infact some students breakdown during examinations leading to failure and eventual drop-out, some become rude and arrogant to teachers and parents and occasionally causing riots and chaos in their schools while some grow-up to become criminal in the society landing them in prison yards.

All these are the imminent problems that necessitated this study


Research Question   

1.   Will peer influence contribution to the prevalence of drug abuse among secondary school students

2.   Will lack of knowledge contribute to prevalence of drug abuse among secondary school students

3.   Will family background influence the prevalence of drug abuse among secondary school students

4.   Will environment contribute to the prevalence of drug abuse among secondary school students

5.   Will availability of money contribute to the prevalence of drug abuse among secondary school students


Research Hypotheses     

1.   Peer influence will not contribute to the prevalence of drug abuse among secondary school students.

2.   Lack of knowledge will not contribute to the prevalence of drug abuse among secondary school students.

3.   Family background will not influence the prevalence of drug abuse among secondary school students.

4.   Environment will not contribute to the prevalence of drug abuse among  secondary school students.

5.   Availability of money will not contribute to the prevalence of drug abuse among secondary school students.


Significance Of The Study

The major aim of this study is to examine the prevalence of drugs abuse among secondary school student in Ojo local government  area. This study will help  to highlight possible causes or factors responsible for drug abuse, and will also highlight the drugs that are commonly abused as well as given the effects of drugs on human health. The study will also  assist parent and readers of the work to watch out for the various symptom of drug abuse among their children, colleagues and friends.        


The importance of this study is that, students will be able to know how drugs are abused and when not to abuse drug and other health implication of drug abuse among the students. This research work will help the government to contribute their own quota and be able to know how to intervene on how to curb the menace of drug abuse.


The study will also contributes to other existing literature and help other researchers to dwell into other areas that this study couldn’t touch.

Delimitation Of The Study    

The study was delimited to the following:

1.       Five selected secondary schools in Ojo local government area, Lagos State.

2.       Five hundred (500) male and female bonafide secondary school students in Ojo   local government area, Lagos State.

3.       The use of self developed questionnaire as an instrument for data collections 

4.       The use of inferential statistic of chi-square for data analysis.


Limitation Of The Study

The following are limitations envisaged in this study.

1.  The reluctant of respondents in taking part in the study

2.  Response bias from the respondents, which may affect the validity of the study.


 Definition of Terms

Drug:       Drug is any chemical substance used in medicine in the treatment of disease either alone or in a mixture and is capable of changing the state or functions of cells, organ and organisms.

Drug abuse:     Drug abuse refers to the use of drugs by self administration in a manner that deviates from the approved medical pattern or within a given culture.

Drug mis-use: Drug mis-use refers to illegal use of drug for purpose which it was not made for or using a drug in excessive quantities.

Health:            Health is the state of well-being of individuals after going though a day’s task.

Peer:                Peer is a person who is the same age or who has the same social status in his/her groups.

Prevalence:     Prevalence refers to the abuse  of drugs that exists or very common among secondary school students.     








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