This research work highlights the role of Small Scale business in industrial technological development of Nigeria. The industry used as Case Study is Pz Nigeria Limited, Isolo, Lagos.


With the necessary information and method of study relying heavily on questionnaire administration, the findings of this study is that small scale has received a socio-economic ventures designed of address poverty squarely.


Its purposes is to motivate and encourage the Nigeria populate, to improve their standard of living by making proper use of management resources generated to their communities. Also from the findings, I was able to realize that Pz Nigeria Limited has been able to provide employment.





















1.1       Introduction

1.2       Statement of Problem

1.3       Objectives And Purpose

1.4       Statement of Research Hypothesis

1.5       Significant of the Study

1.6       Scope of the Study

1.7       Limitations of the Study

1.8       Definitions of terms

1.9       Historical background of Hyson



2.0       Literature Review

2.1       Meaning and Definition of Small Scale Business

2.2       Setting up of Small Scale business

2.3       The importance of Small Scale

2.4       The functions and Characteristics of Small Scale business

2.5       Small Scale Business and technological Development

2.6       Impacts of Small Scale business in industrial development in Nigeria

2.7       Sources of Revenue for Small Scale business

2.8       Limitations of Small Scale Business

2.9       Problems of Small Scale Business

2.10    Solution to the Problem



3.0       Research Methodology

3.1       Methods and Procedures

3.2                         Population and sampling

3.3                         Determination of Sampling Size

3.4                         Research Instrument

3.5                         Problems of data collection

3.6                         Limitation of research instrument

3.7                         Technique of Data Analysis



4.1         Data Analysis

4.2         Identification of variables

4.3         Interpretation of data



5.1    Summary

5.2    Conclusion

5.3    Recommendation

Appendix 1

Appendix 2














Business from the economist point of any human endeavor that is profit oriented. The importance of this definition is that any activity that has not profit malice in view is not a business. However, activity as us in context can be reeled to any enter price or business that is profit oriented and in fact, they range right from buying and selling, small scale industry in mini agro allied industry and husbandry agencies, construction works and craftsmanship etc.


In the medieval period, there was hardly and need for business transactions since production is strictly on subsistence level. But as the society started to develop, the advent of technology take off, so the volume of production increased and to the advantage of human being and work progress.


The foraging is just overview of the nature of business both in the subsistence and exchanged economics.


Historically, however, observation revealed that prior to this moment; Small-scale business has been the largest single form of entrepreneurship operating in the society – usually owned by a person or a few persons as partnership. This has been exclusively dominant by the private individual for quite a while and ever now.

However, with the dawn-turn in the future government over the last decade, National Economics Policy focused more attention on the promotion of small scale business mostly in those areas that have not been properly explored by the private individuals. This is relatively a new phenomenon, leather training, Meta I fabrication and some other areas that was poorly handled by the private business entrepreneurs.



In fact, there are some constraints in this implementation of most of these projects and suck problem would be fully discussed in the subsequent chapters.



These studies also examine the problem faced by them in the process of performing their task in order to make correct recommendation to the society for possible solution. There are lots of problem affecting the role of small seals business in industrial technological development of Nigeria which have made it more compete to venture into.


Some of the problems include

a.       Lack of qualified management personnel

b.      Unreasonable high rate of unqualified staff

c.       Lack of adequate motivation

d.      Inadequate delegation and authorities and power

e.       Inadequate management and staff form

f.        Poor information system

g.       Lack of adequate fiancé

h.      Inability to implement decisions reached with staff

i.        Irregular and untimely payment of workers salaries

j         Undesirable high rate of labour turnover



The objectives of this project is to identify the existential of small scale – business in industry technological development of Nigeria and also take into cognizance how small- scale business play an important role in Nigerian economy also provide employment to many that are less suitable to employment in Large business concerns but who have much to contribute to the improvement of the society.

a.                  To look closely into the reason behinds lack of qualified management personal in infant industries.

b.                  To investigate into the unreasonable high rate of unqualified management / employee.

c.                  To examine the inability to observes the concept of n organization.

d.                  To assess the causes of inadequacy of motivation in infant industries.

e.                  To inspect closely the persistence inadequate of delegation of authorizes and powers.

f.                   To find out the reason for the inadequate management and staff meeting.

g.                  To investigate into the poor information systems on infact industries.

h.                  To examine the inadequacy of finance.

i.                    To diagnose the cause of inconsistence in management policies and decisions.

j.                    To know the inability of management to implement the decision reached with staff.

k.                  To sort out there causes of irregular and untimely payment of workers salaries.

l.             To evaluate and analyze the causes of the undesirable le high rate of turnover in infect industries.



Hypothesis is defined as a tentative assumption made in order to draw out and test its logical and empirical consequences. It could also be define as a confessional statement, tentative proposition given to explain the facts that are causing problem.

Some hypotheses are therefore made as follows:

i.                    Small Scale industries kills the talent of skilled workers

ii.                 Small scale industries are not a potent me and of alleviating rural-urban migration and its invited scourge of unemployment.

iii.               Small scale industries do not play any major role in the growth and deployment.

iv.               Small scale industries do not promote high degree of self reliance for the activities of Lange and small scale industries necessary for industrialization if well developed.



The significance of this study is not to bring out existence only the problems associated with the small-scale business in Nigeria but also to find ways and means of eradication these problems within the growing economy.



a.       Enable us to look closely into the reasons behind lack of

qualified management.

b.      Revel the cause of the unreasonable high numbers of

unqualified staff.

c.       Identify the reasons for the liability to observe the entity concept of such organization       

d.    Investigate into the inadequate of delegation of authorities

          and powers in infant industries.

e.      Ascertain the causes of the inadequacy of management and   

 staff meetings of form.

f.      Investigate into the poor infant Indus tries

g.     Find out the reason for management inconsistencies in their policies and decision

h.   Make know the reason why management of infant industries is  

 always unable to implement the decision reached with their staffs

i.    Diagnose into the irregular and untimely payment of worker’s salaries

j.    Help to look into the causes of undesirable high rate of labour turnover

k.   Serve as literature to be reviewed by other people who might    want to carry out a similar research work.



This study is intended to analyze the problem associated with the role of small – scale business in Nigeria and those existing in almost all the third world or developing countries of the world.


However, emphasis is laid on the following areas like:

a.                  Meaning of management

b.                  Management by objectives

c.                  Basic functions of management

d.                  Definition of small-scale business firm

e.                  The setting up of small-scale business firm

f.                   The souse of revenue of small-scale business

g.                  The importance functions and characteristics of small-scale  of the business

h.                  Way small-scale firm still find it difficult to exist

i.                    Solution to the problem facing small-scale business in Nigeria.


The study may touch some of management of large-scale   the purpose of effective evaluation and analysis during the investigation.



This study will not touch all the aspect to business management due to the following constraints, technically know as limitations:

a.           FINANCE: The economic situation in the country has an adverse effect on the financial aspect of the research work.

The cost of investigations, materials and trying is so high that will limit the incorporation of all necessary areas of business management for the purpose of this project work.

b.           TIME: It could have been a little better to carry out an investigation though observation of some management activities in the profit and growth of the infant industries but this involve lots of time which is not available.

c.            MATERIALS: To come out a come more satisfactory research work, materials more than available are needed



Small scale business is a business that operate with a capital, but the capital in which some we used to start operate the business can not loss than   N400,000 and in any circumstance if the capital is more than this but less than N250,000 it referred to as a medium scale business. Any capital above N2.5million may be called a large – scale business


However, the small-scale industries division of federal ministry of commerce and industry define small-scale business as establishment with capital investment totaling N200,000 and employing between 50 to 150 employees.



This company is a joint venture between NNPC and Vitol S. A.

Swiss international aside oil and products trading company. Hyson / calson is strictly a product marketing outfit, designed to market or excess partaker products in the west and central Africa countries and beyond, and as a profitable agencies for Nigeria crude oil sale calson pays for logistic services provided by Hyson in foreign exchange.



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