It is important to make our environment (surrounding) very safe for living by keeping it clean.  This study is to examine Waste Management and its effect on Business Environment.  Oredo Local Government Area was used as a case study to guide the Researcher in carrying out the study.  Questionnaires and related literature were used to collect data for this study.  Also hypothesis were formulated and validated using simple percentage method of data analysis.  Based on the data analyzed, it was discovered that the problems associated with waste management is not as a result of bad habit of the people, it was therefore recommended that the government should make the job of waste management attractive so as to attract youths to do the job of waste management.



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1.1     Background to the Study        ...      ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        1

1.2     Statement of the Research Problem  ...      ..        ..        ..        1

1.3     Objective of the Study                     ..        ..              2

1.4.    Statement of Hypotheses        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        2

1.5.    Scope of the Study                        ..        ..              ..              3

1.6.    Significance of the Study …                            ..        3

1.7.    Limitation of the Study        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        4

1.8.    Operational Definition of Terms ...   ..        ..        ..        ..        5


2.1.         Waste Management       ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        7

2.2.         Types of Waste          ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        10

2.3.         Sources of Waste ..        ..        ..        ..        ..                    10

2.4.         Government Role in Waste Management   ..                    12

2.5.         Problems of Waste Management       ..              ..              13

2.6.         Prospects of Waste Management      ..              ..              16


3.1.         Research Design   .. ..     ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        19

3.2.         Population of the study       ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        19

3.3.         Sampling/Sampling Technique      ..        ..        ..        ..        20

3.4.         Instrument of Collection                   ..              ..              ..        20

3.5.         Method of Data Collection      ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        20

3.6.         Method of Data Analysis              ..              ..              ..        21


4.1.    Presentation of Data..    ..        ..        ..        ..        ..              22

4.2.    Analysis of Data …             ..                    ..              22

4.3.    Test of Hypotheses                 ..                                28

4.4.    Discussion of Findings  ..                                      36


5.1     Summary    ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        38

5.2     Conclusion ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        40

5.3     Recommendations         ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        41

          Reference    ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        ..        42




1.1            Background to the Study

In reference to the Oxford Advance Learner’s Dictionary 7th edition, health is the statement of being physically and mentally healthy.   It is important to make environment (surrounding) very safe for living by keeping it clean.  Environmental sanitation involves, that we should ensure our environment is free from waste.

And in order to achieve a good environment, man should be properly and well enlightened and well exposed to how the environment should be kept safe for living.  It is on this premise the researcher intends to carry out a study on waste management and its effect on environmental health care using Oredo Local Government of Edo State as a case study.  The researcher work attempts the identification of managing waste in the society with the aim of proffering useful suggestion that would enhance effective waste management to minimize its antennary health hazards.

1.2            Statement of the Research Problems

The rapid development of the headquarters of Oredo Local Government Area (Edo State) with its consequent increase in population has extensively affected the generation of waste management in the town and also this has resulted to very many health hazards which if not looked into could lead to loss of live, the problem is as follows:

i)                   Does efficient waste management in Oredo Local Government reduce health hazards?

ii)                Are the workers satisfied with the job of waste management in Oredo Local Government Area?

iii)              Does the development of headquarters of Oredo Local Government improve in the aspect of waste management?

1.3            Objectives of the Study

The following constitute the objectives of the study

i)                   To determine the need of waste management in an environment.

ii)                To examine the social-economic hazards of waste in a locality.

iii)              To assess government effort in enhancing primary health care delivery through effective waste management.

iv)              To examine the challenges of waste management in the society.




1.4            Hypotheses Formulation

         The following hypothesis which are stated in null shall be tested.

1.       The problem associated with waste management is not as a result of bad habit of the people.

2.       The problem of waste management is not as a result of government insensitivity to the plight of the people.

3.       The problem of waste management is not as a result of the people’s practice of simple hygiene.

4.       The problem of implication of waste management is not as a result of employee not showing concern on the job given to them of the environment.

1.5            Scope of the Study

In dealing with the problem of waste management in Nigeria, the researcher was not able to cover a whole state due to financial, time and other constraints.  The case study was narrowed to Oredo Local Government Area where the problem of waste management count among the five most ailing issues of the people of this area  and we believed that whatever we might come out with, as the problem and the solution could be applicable to any other part of the country.


1.6            Significance of the Study

Through the study, the government will be able to identify major place that lack environmental sanitation and find possible solution to them and also this study will help to identify the various methods of solving waste management.

1.7            Limitation of the Study

In carrying out this research work on waste management and its effect on environment, healthcare, there were limitations encountered.  They are as follows:

(a)              The busy nature of the management and its staff made the collection of relevant data from the staff difficult task.

(b)             The fact of using only, one case study for his research work make the findings not capable of providing sufficient information on the aspect of waste management.

(c)              Another is in the area of time and cost constraint, great time was dedicated in making sure that this project is fulfilled and this reduce the rate of book study in order for this project work to be completed.

(d)             The research work was basically focused on Oredo Local Government Area which may not be a true representation of waste management; hence the findings could be generalized in Nigeria.

1.8            Operational Definition of Terms

·        Waste:  According to the Advance Oxford Dictionary 7th edition, waste is the act of using something in a careless or unnecessary way, causing it to be lost or destroyed.  Also waste is defined as materials that are no longer needed and can be thrown away.

·        Management:  This is the art of working particularly through people for the achievement of brand goods of an organization.  It also assigns the right of people to do the right job and get them to do these as planned and obtain the result.

·        Attitude:  Is a disposition which exists in a person.  An individual feeling (positive or negative) through a predisposition to act toward some element in his environment.

·        Performance:  This is the ability to bring a given task or job to completion, to fulfill or accomplish a task.

·        Obsolete:  These are those materials and equipment which are not damaged and which have economic worth but are no longer useful for the company’s operation due to several reasons such as change in product line, process, material etc.

·        Waste Control:  Is the process of identifying and quantifying the wastage and imitating the activities for preventing, controlling and salvaging the waste.

·        Scrap:  it is the process we stage such as boring, spruces, flashes etc.  These may have an end within the plant.

·        Savage Operation:  Salvage is the act of saving but here it is confined to wastage of materials.

·        Disposal of Scrap:  This is when scrap cannot be utilized within the organization then should be disposed off at regular intervals.

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