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This research work focuses on the Effect of Information Communication Technology (ICT) on deposit mobilization and profitability of banks in Nigeria. It also revealed how computer technology is being used in taking strategic decisions in an organization, with the usage of computer technology. It helps to discover how efficiently and effectively the bank(s) are performing as regards deposit mobilization and trend(s) in profitability. Some research instrument(s) were used in this continuous writing were: Interview, Questionnaire and Observations which were illustrated with charts and (Chi-square). It starts with background of the study up to final recommendation to the higher Authority.           



Title page                                                                                                                    i

Certification                                                                                                                ii

Dedication                                                                                                                  iii

Acknowledgement                                                                                                      iv

Abstract                                                                                                                      v

Table of contents                                                                                                        vi


CHAPTER ONE                                                                                  

1.0       Introduction                                                                                                    1

1.1       Background of the study                                                                                1 – 2

1.2       Purpose of the study                                                                                       2

1.3       Statement of the problem                                                                               2 – 3

1.4       Significant of the study                                                                                  3

1.5       Research instrument                                                                                        3

1.6       Scope of the study                                                                                          3

1.7       Organization of the study                                                                               3

1.8       Limitation of the study                                                                                   3 – 4

1.9       Definition of terms                                                                                         4 - 5

CHAPTER TWO                                                                                                    

2.0       Literature review                                                                                             6

2.1       Introduction                                                                                                    6 – 8

2.2       Automated delivery channels                                                                                     8

2.3       Interactive television                                                                                       8 – 9

2.4       Telephone banking                                                                                          9

2.5       Internet banking                                                                                              9

2.6       Effect of information technology on bank customer                                      10

2.7       Effect of information on deposit mobilization and profitability                    10

2.8       U. B. A plc profile                                                                                          10 – 12

2.9       U. B. A. Plc information technology                                                              12 – 13

2.10     Limitation of computerization                                                                        13

2.11     United bank for Africa computer outfit                                                         13 – 19

CHAPTER THREE                                                                                               

3.0       Research Methodology                                                                                   20

3.1       Introduction                                                                                                    20

3.2       Population of the study                                                                                  20

3.3       Sample and sampling procedure                                                                     20

3.4       Sources of data                                                                                               21

3.5       Research instrument                                                                                        21

3.6       Methods of data collection                                                                             21 – 22

3.7       Problems of data collection                                                                            22


CHAPTER FOUR                                                                                                   

4.0       Data analysis and presentation                                                                       23       

4.1       Introduction                                                                                                    23

4.2       Data interpretation                                                                                          23 – 26

4.3       Testing of hypothesis                                                                                      26 – 28

4.4       General comment(s)                                                                                       28


CHAPTER FIVE                                                                                        

5.0       Summary, conclusion, recommendation                                                         29

5.1       Summary                                                                                                         29

5.2       Conclusion                                                                                                      29

5.3       Recommendation                                                                                            30

            Appendix                                                                                                        31 – 32

            References                                                                                                      33






The effect of information communication technology (ICT) in banks deposit mobilization and profitability in Nigeria cannot be underrated, the technology advancement has brought the introduction of computer system into the recent banking operations.

The introduction of computer and communication technology in the banking industry has been greatly facilitated by the level of awareness on the part of both management and staff in the industry. Banks have geared up human and financial technology to ensure that information communication technology is used to improve their performance, cater for new customers segments and developed the market.

The basic objective of the application of information communication technology, in any organization is the achievement of a radical improvement or quantum leap in its business operations. This will involve redesigning the existing resources with the expected outcomes of the organizational process. To achieve these objectives, an effective and efficient information processing technology (computer) and information transmission technology (communication) as a strategic response.

The American heritage Dictionary of the English Language defined a computer as “a device or electronic machine that performs high spread mathematical or logical calculation or that assembles, stores, collect or otherwise process and print information device from coded data in accordance with a predetermined program.   

Furthermore, a computer is a highly complex electronic device that handle enormous masses of data at unimaginable speed and perform in second’s calculation that trained mathematical would take years to complete. It can be seem as electrical device that accept DATA from an input device, performs arithmetical and logical operation in accordance with pure-defined instruction and translate the processing or in final printing from such as business documents, schedules and management reports.

There are two types of computer, namely, the digital and analog computer and uses computer language such a (FORTRAN, COBOL BASIC, ALGOL) into a machine language modules or object programs.

The highly complex electronic device  has major parts.

A.        HARDWARE: Subsystem, which equally has two parts;


a.                   (A. L. U) where  all calculation and comparison are made

b.                  Central and Memory / Storage: all data must be read into memory before the computer can process them.

c.                   Control Unit: This unit directs and control the activities of all other sub-computer components of the entire computer system.

B.        THE PERIPHERALS: Which includes.

a.         The input device card recorders, paper, tape, reader, VOU and TT.

b.         The secondary storage device, which include cards, magnetic tape and magnetic disc.


C.        SOFTWARE SUBSYSTEM: This subsystem is grouped into two areas:

            1.         System programe, which consist of

            a.         Operating system or supervisor program, as the name implies

            b.         Computer or language translator as another type of system program, which

translate or control application programs into machine language.    

2.         Application Program: Computer do not understand the human language at the moment anyway, therefore language called programming language. There is a group of computer which is called. “NETWARE NETWORK” that are linked together so they can communicate and show resources.    



The purpose of this project is to evaluate and analyze the effect of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in United Bank for Africa. This research work will serve as a guide to determine whether the computer has been able to enhance operational effectiveness management control time accuracy well as increased in deposit mobilization and profitability of the United Bank for Africa and banks generally.



As far bank 1990, United Bank for Africa has employed a system manager. This underlines the necessary of ICT in such a large bank. Most branches except rural branches have been computerized.

However, the banking operation Information Communication Technology (ICT), information system contained to be strictly before the introduction and installation of computer, the banks were unable to meet their goals and objectives.


This study is excepted to provide the government, share holder and management with the impact of computerization of banking information technology will enhance banking services in Nigeria, through the provision of different services like online banking, electronic transfer of fund (ETF), E-banking, Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) telephone banking instead of the manual banking formerly practiced.   



1.         Ho:      Information Communication Technology has no effect on banks deposit mobilization and profitability in Nigeria.

2.         Hi:       Information Communication Technology has effect on bank’s deposit mobilization and profitability in Nigeria.  



The scope of the study is limited to a Universal Bank (UBA) due to the time frame and financial constraints and it involves round the activities and operations of UBA plc.



Despite my interest in this research work, the real objective cannot be attained due to some limitation over which I have no control, among there are: data collection, time frame work, distance and financial constraints.    



The study on the Effect of Information Communication Technology on banks deposit mobilization and profitability in Nigeria bank having the United Bank for Africa Plc as its case study in undertaken to highlights the need for computerization of banking operation.

This study consider many things as it started with chapter one as an introduction to the study. Background of the study, purpose of the study, statement of the problem, significant of the study, organization of the study, limitation of the study and definition of terms and brief profile of the case study.

Chapter two gives a broad meaning of information communication technology which are the Literature review introduction of the study. Automated delivery channels, Interactive television, Telephone banking, Effect of information technology on bank customer, Effect of information on deposit mobilization and profitability, U.B.A plc profile, U. B. A Plc information technology, limitation of computerization and United Bank for Africa Computer outfit.  

The empirical analysis for this study contained in chapter three which are Research methodology introduction of the chapter, population of the study, sample and sampling procedure, sources of data, research instrument method of data collection and problems of data collection.

The chapter four of this project work also due with Data Analysis and Presentation, Introduction of the chapter, Data interpretation, testing of Hypothesis and General comment(s). The chapter five consist the last chapter of this project work with the summary, conclusion and Recommendation Appendix and references.  



It is pertinent to append a glossary of terms that are likely to be ambiguous in this study.

APPLICATION CONTROL: control designed to aid the completeness, accuracy and validity of processing in a particular application.   

COMPUTER PROGRAM: A program which examine the contents of clients computer files or perform operation e.g. calculators.



TECHNOLOGY (ICT): Simple mean made of handling of information by electronic means which involves access to storage of processing, transportation or transfer and delivery.


QUESTIONNAIRE: Is a form containing a list of question s to be answered or filled by the respondent. It is used for collecting the needed data or information from the respondent.


RESEARCH: Is a systematic investigation which include the process of gathering, analyzing, rewarding and reporting of information of all fact necessary for the determination to prefer solution to the related problem.


HYPOTHESIS: Are testable statement, required facts and their interpretation to determine their validity as a tentative solution to reasonable problem, having Ho as the alternative hypothesis respectively.

NETWORK: simply mean a collective of computer and devices connected by communication channel that allow users to shares data, information, hardware, and software with other users.


KEYBOARD:  A typewriter like device through which data can be input to computer.


INTEGRITY: the state of being correct, complete, uncorrupted or with moral fortitude.


MAGNETIC MEDIA: storage device for computing data or files, in commercial system, Disks are used for data storage.  

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